Safer Plates

Over the last three months, the Hornby Community Patrol has been active in supporting the police goal of safer communities by replacing standard screws in number plates with ones that are anti-theft. The ultimate goal is to have fewer victims of crime and this initiative is a cheap, efficient and practical way to achieve this.

The screws don’t prevent your plates from being stolen but are a deterrent as their unique head means that normal tools are unable to remove them. The screws are made from a high-grade stainless steel and are suitable for all types of vehicles.

Stolen number plates are regularly being used to commit ram raids, petrol drive-offs and burglaries. The inconvenience of having to replace your stolen plates makes having anti-theft screws fitted a winner.

The Hornby Community Patrol advertised the events on Facebook, and Media works and was well supported with signage placed in local businesses. Caltex, Hornby is an excellent venue and their support is appreciated.

Support from the public was fantastic and numerous people had travelled from outside the area while others had multiple vehicles done. At last month’s event we were supported by Police and AMI who gave out pay-it-forward vouchers. These could be used on the day or at a future event.

Trick Treat

Sunday 31st October saw three members of the Hornby Patrol supporting the trick and treaters in our local patrol area. Our car had been dressed by our Police Liaison Officer Deb’s and looked simply amazing. In our orange buckets, we had a range of goodies to give away. Connie provided the “loud” music and all were treated to: The Adams Family, Rocky Horror, Monster Mash etc.

 It was fantastic to see so many dressed up and being supported by older siblings or parents. On another positive note the rain mostly stayed away.

Hornby’s new patrol car

Training Day 2021

Eighteen members of the Patrol attended a training day presented by Police at the Lincoln Event Centre. We were amongst a group of one hundred and twenty-five that attended. The Canterbury patrols are working towards being consistent across all patrols with our report writing and intelligence that we provide to police.  After learning “What” information Comms require of us we went on to learn the importance of being accurate with our report writing. After lunch, we had a scenario to observe, and then it was time to write up the report. As usual, we ran out of time but we all agreed we learned heaps even if we consider ourselves to be senior patrollers.

Reduce the risk of becoming a victim

The aim of a stall at New World, The Landing last week was to distribute information on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

It’s a message we hear all the time but it’s amazing how quickly we can forget to shut the garage door, shut all windows and doors before leaving home and how often do we leave valuables sitting in plain view in a car or leave the car unlocked?

Many members of the public engaged with us and several made a financial donation, many thanks for that. We also received interest from several members that now wish to join the Patrol.

The flyers were produced by NZ Police.

Tool engraving

An early start for the team as we were due at Placemakers, Hornby, by 7am for the Tradies Breakfast and tool engraving. This is a crime prevention project as Tradies are encouraged to have their tools engraved with their driver’s license number. A driver’s licence number is unique and provides a quick way for Police to identify the owner of stolen tools. Some Tradies were too busy to stop but contact details were taken so we can visit their building site and complete the task. We shared our space at the front door with 

Gary from AMI, another close partner of Community Patrols.

Safer plates at Caltex Hornby

A change of venue this time for “Safer Plates”. This weekend we were at Caltex Hornby, many thanks to Les for supporting this event. The day was well patronised by the public and community patrollers. The screws we use are secure stainless steel ones that make it more difficult for thieves to remove. We were a week too late for one lady who had hers stolen on Monday but we were able to ensure her new plates were tamper-proof. Another lady paid it forward much to the delight of a surprised recipient.

Long serving Community patroller

Long-serving Community patroller, Bev Birrell was recently presented with a certificate of service by the Patrol for her 21 years’ service as Chair, committee member, patroller, fundraiser, and base radio operator. Bev continues today in her role as a base radio operator. The second, a certificate of commendation was presented on behalf of the Police of the New Zealand Police, Canterbury District, and CPNZ for an outstanding commitment to her community. She has shown that she cares for the welfare and safety of others in her community. To round off an outstanding period of service Bev was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Halswell Hornby Riccarton Community Board. Very fittingly the certificate was presented by Mike Mora, ex Hornby Patroller

Morning tea with Dr. Duncan Webb

Dr. Duncan Webb, MP for Christchurch Central hosted a morning tea for the Metro community patrols. This was an opportunity for him to thank all Patrollers for the 100’s of hours they volunteer annually to keep Christchurch City safe. The event was well supported by the Patrols and there were representatives from the Police and Graffiti team.

Keeping Warm

Thanks to sponsorship from Brett at ProDriver, all patrollers will now be warmer on patrol with the addition of a cap or beanie.

Operation Prodigy

Hornby was involved with the operation both days. Our role on Tuesday was to cook the BBQ. Great opportunity to network with police and our ex patroller Kat. Great to see you in uniform. In the afternoon we were set other tasks, likewise Wednesday we were given a range of tasks to do.

These included:

  • Public reassurance in areas of recent home invasions
  • Park up in prominent places to act as a deterrent to speeding motorists
  • Investigate a suspicious person.
  • Collect evidence from a road accident.

Staircase Challenge

On the 21st June Inspector John Robinson, with support from colleagues organised the inaugural staircase challenge held at The Precinct. The course covered all floors of the building starting on level two of the carpark. Each team of four had to include: a female and someone over 50 years of age. All services housed at the Precinct were invited to participate. This included: ambulance, fire brigade, corrections, probation, civil defence, police and the community patrols. Each team paid $40 and the funds raised this year went to the Community Patrols.

Patrollers’ from several Patrols helped by giving instructions and holding doors open for the participants. At the end of the evening there was the prize giving and sausage sizzle. The winning team was the fastest time combined for all four members. Roll on next year……

Hello Hornby-7th March 2020

Ali, Norm and Ann were onsite to promote the Hornby Community Patrol. It was an opportunity to recruit and also to advise the public on how to keep themselves safe by reducing the opportunity for car thefts and burglaries.  We had purchased advertising pens for giveaways so we are still optimistic that more potential members will contact us. Not to miss a networking opportunity, Norm did a circuit of the stallholders presenting them with a pen. Harcourts along with Hellers sponsored the sausage sizzle cooked by the scouts on an amazing BBQ.  The day was well organised and the weather played its part with brilliantly fine weather.

20 year Recognition

In April, this year, Ali reached a 20 year service milestone with the Patrol as a patroller and committee member. The Committee, along with support from our PLO Debs, nominated Ali for a Halswell- Hornby- Riccarton Community Board award. She was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Mike Mora, Chairman of the Board and a past Hornby patroller at a ceremony on the 11th September. CPNZ also recognised Ali at their Roadshow held on the 15th September, she was presented with a Silver Shield.